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Matrix Aviation Services, Inc. was born October 2008 as a privately held California C corporation.

Our senior management team has over 100 years of direct airline experience, many gained while working for some of the world’s oldest and most recognized airlines.

Ownership rests with individuals who have dedicated their professional lives to safety, innovation, re-invention and above all service.

They have invented the niche of outsourcing airport customer services, which eventually evolved into a stand alone industry.

The evolution of the concept started as passenger handling, customer service and today as Guest Services. The concept encompasses the total care for your Guests.

In its development, they have never failed to recognize the importance of their team. Recognition begins with giving team the tools to help your Guests feel welcome. It extends to rewarding them with above industry compensation and fully extends to recognizing and anticipating what our clients want and need.

Matrix Aviation has upgraded the concept of Guest Services by recognizing the unique opportunity in today’s service expectations. Our mutual GUESTS are often stranded in a fast paced world of automation. The short interpersonal relationship, or interchange afforded by the check-in process, creates a unique opportunity to humanly re-connect with our Guests and to truly let them know that they are the only reason we are here and to reintroduce them, to what service really is meant to be.

By entrusting the care of your Guests to our team, you are enabling yourself to focus on the business aspect you excel at.